3/4 Time Doodle

 Welcome folks!

It seems a while since my last post but there have been alot of good reasons for that!

FOII have been producing a ‘sampler mix’ of the material to date (which you can find on the Media page of this site.)

We alsi had a great time a couple of weekends ago recording video to go along with the sampler mix. It’s in the hands of our trusted video-editor as I write and we look forward to showcasing that – and sending it out to all and sundry too.

Practice-wise I’ve been brushing up on the tracks ‘Leaving It All Behind’ and “Secret Shadow’ because Ben and I are looking to record the drum tracks for these next week. I’m really excited by the challenge of recording them without the rest of the band around – just me, Ben and a click track. I feel I know the parts pretty well so it’s just whether I can pull a bit of energy out of the bag too.

And so to the video extract. Well, first prize will go to anyone who can hear the new piece of kit I am using in this extract. The 3/4 time signature is probably most familiar to those of a certain age as a waltz. I’ve been finding that when I sit down to practice it is the thing I start¬†with, though I’m not sure why exactly.

Perhaps it’s that it has, for me, a certain ‘lightness’ to it. And a rythmn of its own soon produces itself. So this video is the result of an afternoon doodling around with the time signature and putting in some other bits as well, of course – so I can’t gurantee that it’s all in 3/4!

Still, there were some encouraging pieces in there which may find their way into something – or are lovely to play oin themselves.


Well, that’s all for this time,

‘Til next time,