Fresh out of the box!

Howdy folks,

Well, something a little different this week for percussion fans.

I’ve been looking to include some more percussion in my repertoire for a little while and had heard and seen some good things with folk performing with what looked like old tea chests!

Pardon my ignorance but these turned out to be ‘Cajon‘s’ – pronunciation seemed to vary betwen each drum shop I tried so I won’t attempt a definition!

Thanks to the kind folk at Bern‘s Drum store in Chichester I came across this little oddity – a ‘laptop’ version. It’s smaller than the usual chest and, for me, a little more comfy to play. Plus I was intrigued to see what the potential of the instrument is before shelling out mega money for the really decent sounding versions – if at all.

So, this morning, it came out of it’s box and the video is the result.

I’m looking forward to experimenting more – both through watching other players and just finding out for myself. I’m also keen to see if there may be place for it in future FOII recordings – I’ve already a few candidates in mind!

Shall keep you posted on all the above as we go! But for now, here’s the video –

’til next time,