New Album News

Well it’s been a long time coming (and that’s putting it mildly) but we’re in the last stages of sorting out the new album. The current target date is the end of June, though we’re going to take out time to make sure we’re happy with the finished results and if that delays things a bit then so be it.

I can reveal that the album is centered around three long tracks, Leaving It All Behind, Cider Sue and Secret Shadow, with some instrumental interludes. Fans of the original album will have some idea of what we mean by that. So far these have working titles of “Don’t Forget Your Key”, “Troubled Dreams and Fairy Queens”, “Look What We Left Behind” and “Echoes”.

The album is looking like coming in at around 45 minutes. We’ve talked about whether to wait a bit longer and put some of our (even) newer tracks on when they’re finished but we feel that the new line-up is taking things in a slightly different direction and this material stands better on its own.

As always, watch this space!