Secret Shadow

Music: Bell/Dawson/Hollands; Lyrics: Hollands

I can’t explain exactly when this occurred
But ever since the world has turned black
Whenever I step a foot out of line there’s a tap on my shoulder
And someone tells me I should take a step back.

The emptiness inside is a hollow caused by its pull
The secret shadow formed by one who once knew me well
The darkness ate away inside her took her away
With just her story left to tell.

I turn around feel someone standing behind me
Just a haze could be a mirage
Something unseen, unheard of and unfinished
Of a soul now alive but in life, had diminished.

The sound of footsteps echo in my ears
A heavy sound pumps blood to my brain
Summons my fears and leaves me a trembling
Closing my eyes, her image, resembling

Move on move on I try to push my energy on
Away from the gaping hole that will draw us in
In force we find strength and with force we are strong
But wake up, we never shall do.

The secret shadow she is mine to keep
My little bit of blackness like a child to cradle
She hurts so much and so I can’t hurt her more
In keeping this secret shadow, I am able.

Waking up at night I feel the grip of something cold and pure
Open up my heart and let her in
Secretly I wish that I could keep her in my arms for good
Heal her broken soul from deep within.