FO2 Drum solo – Sketch of Possible parts!

Well, it’s that time again!

Last week’s rehearsal¬†found Fusion Orchestra 2¬†working on a re-vamped number for the live set. And apparently this one, in its original form, had a drum solo smack in the middle.

So, cue drummer trying to put something together on the spot and having to finish with an apologetic “…or something like that..”

Here is a slightly more (and I do mean slightly) polished version, with a minimal intro and outro cue, that attempts to use some of the solo parts I have been experimenting with but bring them into a shorter, more fitting piece for the track.

The decision to move the Tom/Timbale single sticking section to the front lies with the feel of the track which is decidedly latin so that felt a natural place to put them.

I’ve tried to cut it much more into sections this time, with a view to attempting to be able to reproduce the same format each time (allowing for a little improvisation, of course), partly so that the rest of the band know what’s coming – but also because I can’t help feeling that it’s a good discipline to attempt.

So, we have –

Tom/Timbale single sticking

Tom /African rhythm / melody

Floor Tom / Big Band sticking

Snare – buzz rolls and kit crossovers

Snare – roll combinations /paradiddles and crossovers

Single stroke rolls snare to ride / left and right accents

Snare / Double bass licks and fills

Snare / Double bass alternations (aka ‘ode to Cozy’)

Snare / floor tom crossovers (aka ‘ode to Neil’)

Kit flams / triplets


A few glitches, as ever but otherwise…