The Band

FUSION ORCHESTRA 2 is the second incarnation of critically acclaimed progressive rock band Fusion Orchestra, whose EMI album Skeleton In Armour is still much sought after in its original vinyl form.*

Fusion Orchestra built a strong and dedicated following mostly thanks to the band’s musicianship, ambitious musical works and exciting stage act. The fact that they toured constantly and gigged throughout the length and breadth of the country carried their music to a huge audience during almost six years the band was together.

The music of Fusion Orchestra 2, which was co-formed by original Fusion Orchestra guitarist and founder member Colin Dawson, and keyboard player Ben Bell(website), incorporates elements of rock, jazz and other styles. Col and Ben spent a great deal of time finding the right vocalist and rhythm section to do justice to the original material and bring fresh creative flair to the mix, and are happy to have the remarkable Elsie Lovelock on lead vocal, Shemeck Fraczek on basses, and Seex Dyer on drums.

Launching from the critically acclaimed material of the EMI album Skeleton In Armour, the band’s 2013  release Casting Shadows continues the tradition of  rock that is progressive without being pretentious; that fuses rock, jazz, blues and other styles with a healthy dose of fun.

*Skeleton In Armour was re-released by EMI in 2009 for digital download and is available from online music retailers such as iTunes and Amazon.